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How Do I Advance

How do I advance?

This is one of the most often asked question that a VYAC swimmer asks their coach.

Generally in the 630-730 practice to move from the first two lanes to the third lane, there needs to be an understanding of all four strokes with a very good basis of freestyle and backstroke.  Comfort with the rotary breathing aspect of the freestyle is mandatory as is the ability to swim 100 yards as this will be the main portion of the third lane’s practice.

To move from the intermediate third lane to the outer two a good command of all four strokes (the ability to swim all of them at least 100 yards) is necessary.  These lanes typically swim around 3000 yards a night and thus stamina is a necessary component of this practice.

For the 7:30-9:00 group, the first two lanes need to understand all four strokes and will regularly have to swim between 3500-4000 yards.  The only way to move out of these two lanes is to completely understand all 4 strokes and be able to swim them through a 200 with proper form all the way.  The outer lanes of the 7:30-9:00 practice are expected to be able to handle 5000+ yards on a nightly basis and will be asked to perform these duties without maximum supervision.  Likewise, the swimming at this level should be such that the stroke corrections made are minimal.  These stroke corrections will enhance the overall performance of the swimmer but, at this level, there should not be intense instruction.

The coaches will move you up as they feel you are ready.  Please talk to Coach Frank if you have questions, or are concerned about when you will be ready to advance.