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Coach Frank’s email address is fpoulin@ymcashr.org 

Communication is vital to any organization and it must be a two-way street.  Coaches and staff will make every effort to convey information to swimmers and their parents via E-MAIL.  Likewise, team members and their parents need to communicate with coaches in order to avoid misunderstandings and to inform them of things that may affect a swimmer’s training and competition.

Information for swimmers and their families:

General Handouts - Written notices are distributed in family folders that are kept in a file box at the end of the deck. If there is ever a problem with the reception of written notices, contact one of the coaches immediately.

Bulletin Boards - The swim team has a bulletin board on which team information will be posted. Please check the boards regularly.

Website– The VYAC web site is www.swimvyac.com (you are here).  We are gradually moving to paperless communication.  Please bookmark this site and make a habit of checking it for meet information, the newsletter, updates and changes.  If you have digital pictures to submit for the site please check the website to view how they may be posted.

E-Mail – Reminders and last-minute information is sent to families via e-mail.  This is a secondary means of communication and is most useful when there is a limited amount of time to send out information or when a quick reminder is needed.  

Verbal - Sometimes swimmers are given information verbally by coaches.  This is most common at the upper levels.  Regularly ask your swimmer about information given verbally.

Parent meetings - Held periodically throughout the year, these meetings allow coaches to convey site-specific and group-specific information to parents.  These meetings are an opportunity to educate parents in various aspects of competitive swimming and VYAC.  They also provide an open forum for parents to ask questions and address concerns.

Communicating with coaches:

Contacting coaches by phone – Please contact the Coaches during regular office hours. They can be reached at the Greenbrier Family YMCA (757) 547-9622. For the Albermarle YMCA (252) 334-9622.

NOTE:  PLEASE DO NOT CALL COACHES AT HOME.  Please respect their personal and family time by addressing issues during office hours or before and after practice.  Coach Frank is usually in his office at 5:30 everyday.

Please address large issues or concerns in person with the appropriate staff member(s).

Meeting (formal or informal) with coaches - Coaches are usually available before or after practice time to answer quick questions.  If you would like to address issues that require more time, please schedule an appointment.  Do not interrupt coaches or swimmers on deck during practice time.  Coaches are more than happy to answer questions or address issues at a more appropriate time and place.


Most problems are rooted in simple misunderstandings or miscommunication and can be resolved quickly and easily.  If allowed to fester, however, problems grow out of proportion and can be harmful to swimmers, parents, coaches, and the program.  This can be prevented by addressing grievances immediately and with the appropriate person.  If a team member or parent has a grievance concerning any aspect of the program, he or she should go directly to the source.